Pemberton Enduro - Course Details - Event Details

Event Details

Race Packet pickup starts at 09:00AM at Bike Co. in Pemberton (#1, 1392 Portage Rd, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0, (604) 894-6625).
Pre-race meeting at 11:00AM at One Mile Lake, enduro sectors will be in both the One Mile and Mackenzie zones. If racers would like to use car transition between One Mile and Mackenzie that is OK.
After race mingler at 4:00PM at the Legion (7442 Prospect St. Pemberton, BC, V0N 2L1 (604) 894-6561), racers receive two slices of Pemberton Pizza as part of thier race entry and there will be beer for sale from the Legion.

Adult beverages generously provided by Russell Brewing Company.

2014 Pemberton Enduro Course

Transition 1:

-Start at 1 Mile Lake. Head south on Sea to Sky Trail, pass Overhill junction and climb to Lumpy’s cutoff. Turn left.
-At the T junction turn Left onto old Lumpy’s (also marked on map as Nairn-One Mile). Sector 1 starts in the obvious clearing at the first rock slab.

Sector 1: Lumpy’s to Murse Made to Pickle Surprise

-Descend Lumpy’s through the short punchy climb, after a brief downhill you will see Murse Made on the right.
-Turn right and climb Murse Made.
-Continue on Murse Made to the top of Pickle Surprise.
-Descend Pickle Surprise. End of sector is at the last left-hand turn before returning to 1 Mile Lake.

Transition 2:

-Turn left at 1 Mile Lake and climb the Sea to Sky Trail to its junction with Overhill.
-Turn left on Overhill and climb old skid road.
-Take first right onto Overhill/K2 Connector, watch for racers crossing the trail on Murse Made.
-Climb steeply and take the first right.
-Continue up a short climb to a T intersection under the power lines, turn left. Watch for racers descending Pioneer, follow taped trail.
-Take first right on Newsflash, climb Newsflash.
-At the top of Newsflash turn right onto Brake Away, climb through the saddle and descend briefly.
-Stay left where Brake Away intersects K2 and climb to the start of Pioneer.

Sector 2: Pioneer to Fizzy Pop to Dog Beach

-Descend Pioneer, stay straight under the power lines to Fizzy Pop.
-Descend Fizzy Pop, stay left after the power lines on old skid road (very brief climb).
-Take first right onto Dog Beach and descend to sector finish.
-Sector finish is at the top of the short up prior to final descent to 1 Mile Lake.

Transition 3:

-Find your way to the top of the Waco Connector on Mount Mackenzie.
-Pedaling from town is encouraged. Remember that it is illegal to cross the train bridge.
-If driving to Mount Mackenzie, park at the gravel pit and climb to the top of Waco via the Mackenzie Forest Service Road or the Happy Trail. No motorized shuttles above the valley floor, violators will be disqualified.
-If utilizing Happy Trail to climb to the top of Waco Connector, please utilize Shamalama to avoid conflict with descending riders.
-From the top of Waco/4 way intersection, ride to the start of Radio Tower. There will be an aid station at the 4 way intersection with a volunteer to provide directions and medical assistance.

Sector 3: Radio Tower to Mission Impossible 1 to Moose Jah

-Descend Radio Tower to Mission Impossible 1, turn right.
-Descend Mission Impossible 1 to Moose Jah, turn right.
-Sector finishes where Moose Jah ends at the old skid road.

Transition 4:

-Ascend Mackenzie Forest Road, stay left and find your way to the top of Waco and the 4 way intersection.
-Climb Mackenzie Forest Road, take the first right toward Overnight Sensation and Rusty Trombone.
-Pass Overnight Sensation, Rusty Trombone is the next trail on the right.

Sector 4: Rusty Trombone to Overnight, finish on bottom of Rusty Trombone

-Descend Rusty Trombone to the new connector with Overnight Sensation, this is a right turn and will be taped.
-Descend Overnight Sensation to the first left, this will also be taped.
-Descend the bottom of Rusty Trombone to the rock overlook under the power lines, sector ends here.

Transition 5:

-Descend to the bottom of Overnight Sensation.
-Turn right and proceed to the top of Waco/4 way intersection.
-Continue straight down Waco Connector to its junction with Nimby.
-Turn right and climb Nimby to its intersection with Back Pains.

Sector 5: Back Pains to Bob Gnarly to Lower Mackenzie

-Descend Back Pains to Waco Connector.
-Turn right on Waco Connector to Bob Gnarly.
-Turn Left onto Bob Gnarly, descend to its intersection with Waco Connector.
-Turn Left onto Waco Connector to Lower Mackenzie.
-Descend lower Mackenzie. Finish at the bottom of the newest section of Lower Mackenzie, not through the bottom of Happy Trail. This intersection will be taped.